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How can i filter this repeating group?

hello, can someone help me out with how i can organize my repeating group?

right now i have a repeating group that is displaying PRODUCTS,
and these PRODUCTS can be either worth either $5, $10, $20, or $1. people on the app VOTE on each product as to whether its worth one of the above mentioned values ($1, $5, $10, $20). my question is this ,

how can i get a repeating group that’ll show , via dropdown choices that say
the most votes that went towards that amount? like for instance,
say a user sees the repeating group of products and chooses in the dropdown $5,
i would want to see the products that have the most amount of $5 votes, in a descending mannor
the same for if the user chooses $20, i would want to the products with the most amount of votes that showed $20
for all, i would want to see just all of them, but in a most recent kind of way.

i hope that was clear. at the moment i currently just have multiple repeating groups that are invisible until the user make the dropdown say what they wnt it to, but all those repeating groups on top of each other are making my site slow. is there anyway that i could do this with just one repeating group??

thanks ahead.

You should only have one RG with a constraint set to Dropdown value. If the dropdown value is the same type of the price, it will work. You can activate ignore constraints if empty

For the sort, I guess you have a vote count field. Use it in the sort section Descending YES