How can I filter to show the first thing NOT in a type?

I have a scenario involving three Types and need to figure out how to set a page to automatically show the first Thing that doesn’t exist in a Type. Here’s the scenario:

I have four Types:

  • User: Standard user list
  • Project: Stores project things (e.g., Project Hermes)
  • Task: Stores tasks linked to a project (e.g., Complete new Bubble)
  • TaskCompleted: Stores a record of when each user completes a task with a List link between User type, Project type, and Task type

I want to filter the Task list to find the first uncompleted Task thing (AKA thing NOT listed in the TaskCompleted type) that belongs to a particular Project thing for the current user.

For example, if Joe [User] is working on Project Hermes [Project] and has completed 2 tasks [TaskCompleted] out of the 3 tasks [Tasks] for the project, I want to show Joe [User] the 3rd task [Tasks].

Any suggestions on how I can accomplish this?

Could you use the sorted by taskCompleted?

Use “if this task is not in tasks completed”