How can I Format Form's Inputs after submission?

Hello, I need to format form inputs before writing to database and after form submission. For example, I have a multiple choice like:

Choice One
Choice Two
Choice Three

I need users to see the options just like that but what I need in the database is:


I just can’t find the way to this with Bubble. This is an example. The more generic need will be essentially be able to run javascript code in the workflow.

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Couldn’t you have the workflow as:

Create a new thing - InputA’s value:uppercase


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I think you can use Air static dropdown labels plugin

Have your way of backend, but display whatever way you want to users.

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Thank you @lantzgould. Nice solution!

Hi this definitely works but not in case of multiselect dropdowns (bubble plugin). Any thoughts?


No problem :slight_smile: FYI, it’s still possible with the multiselect dropdown using the same workflow.

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