How Can I Get an Average by Each Staff Automatically?

Hi, Bubblers.

I’m using the Star Rating plugin to get customers to get performance rating for each staff.

This is my data table for it.

First, there is a staff list.

Second, the Star Rating workflow will make data like below.

I’d like to display each staff name and each staff’s average raitng.

How can I do it simply?

Thank you for reading!

I’m a repeating group For list of staff have a text element
The element text is:
Do search for employee rating:sum (constraints = current cells staff) / do search for rating:count (constraint = current cell staff)

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Thank you ! @chris.williamson1996
I was so tired from my day job. So, I couldn’t work on my Bubble app. u_u
I just finally could try your suggestion to calculate each staff’s rating~
It works!!
Thank you so much!! ~ :smiley: :joy: :cowboy_hat_face:

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