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How can I get rid of the Bubble announcement?

Hi all,
I just sent an email to some friends using outlook and when I posted my domain it gave me this:

Notice how after my tagline it started talking about bubble. How can I get rid of this. I have gone into settings and can’t find anywhere it lets me change this. I’ve also gone into the page title but still can’t find where I would change it.

Any thoughts?


That looks like the default description on your index page (for SEO and Social Networks)

Did you change that?

I think I did. Does the below look right?

Edit the page description…you will find bubble stuff there as well.

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That’s what it was @DaveA! Thanks for sharing this!
When I went to look at the page information I was only changing the Page title, not the Description (for SEO/FB) section.

For others struggling with this, if you scroll down, you’ll see another section

Hope it helps others.

Nice one @DaveA

@edgar the page title gets displayed on the browser tab, often people just see the first few words.

Thanks Mishav. That makes sense.