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How can I have a group of inputs added on demand?

I am making a resume/CV page, and need users to be able to add more inputs as needed. I also need to be able to access this information in the database. What is the best way to go about it?
For example, a user may have 10 items to put under their work history, but another user may only need to put 2 items.

You could design multiple input groups on the page and then hide all but the first. Then have a link, button or icon for each that would make the next group visible.

Interesting. Yeah, you’d have to pre-build however many inputs and add all the fields to the data type that you’d want to max out and set visibility conditions .

Another thought, you could have 1 field in the data type that is a list… Example:

Skills could be a single field that is a list of texts. The user adds more skills which means adding a text to the list.

Have a repeating group whose source is this list. Each cell can have an input to modify each text in the list. Have a button to add a new text (blank or a default text like “type in skill”) and the input for that new cell lets the user modify.

I havent tried this myself, but I’d play around with a repeating group for this. Your list can be something other a than text type too.

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Similar to Gaby’s approach would be to create a new Data Type called “Work Experience”. Within Work Experience is two fields “Name of Position at Company” (Type: Text, List: No), and “Description of Work” (Type: Text, List: No). Then you could create a field under the User called “Work History” (Type: Work Experience, List: Yes).

Here is a short example in the forum app (I created the login inputs with those test credentials). Use them to log in and the rest of the elements will appear in preview :slight_smile:



You could add complexity to this by creating a new Data Type called Company, and then creating a Company field within the Work Experience Data Type (Name of Field: Company, Type: Company, List: No). That way, that will help Users find and search through all employees who work at a certain Company.

And if a Company already exists within your application, the User could select it using the Searchbox when adding a new Work Experience to their profile.

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