How can I hide api GET results until the user inputs their query?

So I am working on an app to pull google search queries and then modifying that data using repeating groups. I have the data working and pulling from my CSE and API however, I don’t want users to see search results in the recurring group until they have typed something in.

Right now, when I hit preview, the app is pulling back my initial GET request results based on my q parameter in the API connector settings. I want to not have the GET request sent until the user enters their data so they aren’t always seeing the results I have from setting up my api. If that makes sense. Here is what it looks like on the preview end:

Everything is functional, just wanting to not show results until the user searches.

I appreciate your help, this community is the best. :smile:

Right now, I can hide the results and then have a workflow display them on button click, however, that is just a bandaid and every time my page loads, an API call happens on Googles in, using my quota instead of waiting for user input.

Hey Wes,

If you want to perform the search without a button, you might try a setup where you trigger off of a change to the input field, but only if it is not empty, and set the repeating group data source in the workflow instead of within the element:

This way it will not run on page load, nor will it run if the input is empty. It will re-run every time a change is triggered by that input element.


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This worked perfectly!!! Thank you soo soo much. I like being able to just hit enter in the search box instead of clicking a button. Definitely a UI plus, thank you so much again, this worked like a charm.

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Hi Wes! I’m setting up something similar but I don’t see the option to set parameters. Could I have missed something in the API settings?