How can I introduce monetization without looking shady?

Hey, in my app I have successfully implemented the monetization that runs with the stripe.js plugin.

However, my current set up doesn’t allow me to retrieve my user’s credit card’s brand name and the last 4 digits. The reason behind this is that the way I set everything up was by firstly, creating a customer, then converting the customer’s id into a stripe token, and once the stripe token is created, I then simply create a card that is later charged depending on the number of times the user requests to book certain events.

I also saw that there’s an option to use Stripe Element instead of a Stripe Token, which instantly displays what card is being used and allows me to bypass adding unnecessary inputs. Though, when using the Stripe Element you’ll be charged instantly, and that’s something I don’t want.

So my question is, how could I use the stripe.js plugin effectively, meaning providing a user-friendly experience to my potential customers and allow them to see what were the last 4 digits as well as the brand name of their added card?