How can I keep a record of update logs?

How can I store update logs? For example, the user changes the Product Desc and I want it possible for the Admin to view all the changes the user has made.

How can it be pulled of?

I usually do this with an “update” object with all the relevant “old” and “new” fields.

For example, in your use case I’d create a “Product Update” object with the following fields:

Product = Product
oldDescription = Product’s description
newDescription = Product’s new description
oldPrice = Product’s description
newPrice - Product’s new price

I usually do this via Backend Workflow so I can pass all “old” and “new” fields at once, then create the Product Update (or whatever kind of object I’m working with) on the backend. Hope that all makes sense.

Thanks for this. I followed this and created a new Data type to store all this and changed the text type to a list of texts. Now whenever the users updates these records, I add the update to that list of texts as well.

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Any way to store the update dates as well?

I have two data types. One is the original, Product info with text fields and another with a list of text fields called Update logs. Is it possible that I can tie a date to the changes made as well? Like the one we have as Created date