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How can I let users add data in bulk?

Hi all,

Is there a way to mass upload data to the Bubble database from the user standpoint?
In the Bubble Editor you can upload a csv to add data in bulk. I’d like to give this ability to the users as well (it’s critical).
I’m flexible on how the users could feed the data (Google Sheet, CSV, or anything else).

Has anyone experience with this?

Thanks in advance!

Replying to my own question, just in case someone has the same issue.

I found that the best way to let user import data is to have them email a inbox and with the proper filtering import directly into Bubble via an API workflow.

And I used this reply by @NigelG to figure the details out. Email to Create a thing / update a thing?
Thanks Nigel! I am doing to Bubble, skipping Zapier.

Yes, that post was pre- API Connector I think. So no need for Zapier.

Still think mailparser is the cleanest way to do this.