How can I limit a number of event created for the same day?

Hello Bubblers

I am building a Marketplace.
User can create and participate to events.

I have two question I cant solve :

  1. During the event creation process, I would like to limit the creation regarding :
    a. The day: To accept users to create events only on certain days. For now I am using the AirDate/time picker plugin which allow to block weekdays of your choice. But I guess there’s another way ?

b. More important, The number of event per day : I would like to allow only, for example, 3 events to be created on the same day, not more. And so have to disable the creation for others users on a specific dates when this number has been reached. I don’t know how to do this ? @seanhoots is it possible with your plugin ?

  1. Events has a field participants, which is a list of users.
    Events also has a field " Max number of participants".
    When the max number is reached, I would like to disable the event inscription.

How could I do : When count: of the list of participants = max number of participants, disable the inscription.

Many thanks

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