How can I link an input and a dropdown in a custom state (text)?

Hello there!

I’m creating a multi step form where at a certain point in the form I want the user to select its language skills. I want to display the language (input) + skill (dropdown OS) next to each other in a repeating group. The user must be able to input a couple of language skills and add + delete the skills. I want to store that data in a custom state, so that after all the steps of the form are complete I can store it all in the database.

I’m able to store a list of languages in a custom state and show that list in a repeating group. Is it also possible to add the skills to the correct language in that list so I can save and pull from the database later on?

Thank you!

You should create a datatype called language skills, then have a field for the language and a field for the skill level, both should be option sets.

Then when a user selects this, you add the this to their list of language skills in the DB.

Hope that makes sense?

Thanks for your reply.
I don’t want to add that data to the database just yet. I want to store that data in a custom state because I want to show the languages + skills in a repeating group on the form itself. (like in my first screenshot) so the user can add as many to it or delete before moving forward in the multi step form. After all the steps from the multi step form are complete I want to add all the data to the database.
I’m able to store the languages in a custom state (type text / list) but this can only contain 1 value? I’m trying to link the skills in any way to the languages.


Yep so, do the first steps I mentioned, then when you’re displaying the repeating group just have the data source set to the current users list of language skills.

That way users can see the list and add or remove values. You could also have a temporary list of these in the rg and then set the users list to be that upon completion, either way works