How can I make an application and take what the user fills out and put it in a repeating group that only admins can see

Hey so I am trying to make a website were when a user goes to the site it shows questions like what their name is and stuff so I can maybe hire them for my company but Idk how to make what the user says to answer the questions and put it in a repeating group that only admins can see


You have two options depending how secure you want it to be.

Less secure.

  1. Create a field underneath user called admin with default setting being no.
  2. Make your account have admin = yes e.g. if you go to data, app data and users to edit this.
  3. Hide the repeating group and only show it if current users admin is yes.
  4. You can also place a shape in front of the group that is only hidden on page load if current users admin is yes.

The other way is reading about and applying data privacy settings.

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Yes but how can i make the information that the user puts go to the repeating group that is what I need help with

Ok, hope I understand you correctly.

You want questions that users can see.
You want users to input answers to the questions that only you as the admin can see.

  1. You will need datatype question: with text and question nr. and a field with list of answers

  2. You can add a datatype answers with a field called text and one called question (data type question)

  3. Then you can create a repeating group with all the questions (do a search for questions).
    Have an input and a button called answer in the repeating group.

  4. The user will see the questions: When a user clicks the answer button, create an answer with the inputs value as the answer text and the field “question” of the answer as current cells question. Also add to the button workflow that this answer is added to the question’s list of answers. (this makes viewing all answers to a question easy for the admin later on)

  5. As this is an application for a job you may want to see all the answers of 1 user. Therefore to the data type user add the fields:, list of questions and list of answers. Whenever the button “answer” from above is clicked, also add the question of the repeating group cell and the answer created to the users list of questions and answers.

  6. Now you on an admin page or group only you can see, can create a repeating group of all users. In each repeating group you can have another repeating group with current cell’s users answer text and answer’s question text showing.

Hope this helps.
If you want, I can send you a pm as I had a similar setup for a project and can send you some screenshots.

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Do you have discord if you do i can talk to you in there and you can send screenshots

You should have a look into the tutorials.

The tutorials cover this. If you want help then message me. I will be charging for it.

hi, I sent you a pm

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