How can I make multiple users operate a single page independently

My Bubble application is integrated with AWS Textract queries to read uploaded PDFs from car dealerships. My backend logic takes those JobID’s and saves the files to the database based on the “Current User’s Logged-in Dealership”.

I’m running into an issue when I have multiple users from different dealerships uploading scanned files at the same time. If User A is from Dealership A and User B is from Dealership B and they upload files at the same time, they both can see each other’s files.

How can I make it so that dozens of “current users” can be on the same page and upload content to their specific dealership only?

Maybe something is wrong with the privacy settings?

Anyway, you have a lot of steps in this workflow, it might be a good idea to look for a way to minimize those steps on client side/split them in batches. Bubble sometimes can time-out after 5 seconds when lots of things are happening.

Also, there’s no need to have the ‘terminate this workflow’ at the end. It will stop automatically after the last step is finished. :slightly_smiling_face:

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