How can I make multiple versions of the same thing in database depending on which user

I’m a personal trainer and I’m developing an application to design workout plans for my clients…

I’m struggling with how to design a database.

I have one type of thing called Exercise that have fields like its NAME, MUSCLE GROUP, IMAGE, VIDEO AND DESCRIPTION these fields don’t change between clients/users.


How can I make changes in these fields for each client without changing in the database?

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I would create another custom data type (let’s call it “Client Workout”). In this type, you could have all of those fields that you describe above – sets, reps, weight, and rest. You would also have a field inside of Client Workout that is of the type “Exercise”. (This way you’re creating a relationship between “Client Workout” and “Exercise”.)

You might find yourself wanting to go one level deeper than this even by creating another custom data type called “Set”. Inside of each set could be the fields “weight”, “reps”, and “rest”. Then, each “Client Workout” could have a field that is a list of “Sets”. I’m just thinking of my own workouts (it’s been a little while, haha) when I’d experiment with dropsets or something where the reps/weight were inconsistent.

Anyways, hope this helps!

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Thanks a lot, Jacob!

I’ll try this right now!