How can I make redirection or Go to page more quicker?

I have certain pages I don’t want the user to access unless they have a subscription.
Let’s say they buy the subscription for a month and the next month they don’t.
They will have URL to all the paid pages.

If they try accessing those page through the URL without an active subscription they will get redirected back to homepage because I have set it up the same on page load.

But, there’s a 1 sec access to content.
They are taken to that paid content page and after a second it redirects them to homepage.

Is that suppose to happen? How can I overcome this?

Would you guys be able to guide me on this?
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Yeah it triggers after page load and not before which kindof goes against all authentication guarding I have seen before.

The best thing I can say is that you need to have the data privacy tab setup so that only active subscribers are able to actually view the content, thus if they are on that page for any amount of time the content wouldn’t show up anyways.

@jsduncan98 is correct as far as I know. The best you can do is use privacy rules to ensure only subscribed users see content. In my case I tend to use a single page app where pages are actually just groups so when the page loads it is blank but it uses references in the user’s data table to decide what to show. That way they never get page URLs to content.

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If your on page elements are highly sensitive I recommend having a master group to contain all your elements. On the master group that is on the page, set as hidden by default, then set a condition to show when x is true e.g. When the current user admin is yes, show this element…

Also solid Privacy Roles are key here in order for the user not to stop the redirection and read the onpage data.


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Thanks a lot for the guidance guys. I will do a combination of both conditions & data privacy

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