How can I refer to data updated one week ago on Do a search?

I am running a specific workflow every week with the Schedule API.
Within that workflow, I would like to add a workflow that references data that was updated last week.
However, it seems impossible to set that with Arbitrary date/time.
Does anyone know of a solution?

Just do a recursive workflow with the data type in the parameters and have it schedule it every week.

This way, you can reference to the data type all the time

What about these conditions?
A certain repetitive process is performed in a schedule API workflow.
This is a recurring event that will be held every Sunday.
At this time, how can I refer to the data that was repeatedly processed from last week?

Describe your use case.
We allow users to vote on content, and we allocate points each week based on their votes. This is an iterative process.
This aggregation is performed every week, but we only want to aggregate the votes cast this week, not all voting data.

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