How can I reload the tutorial?

Hi, please help. How can I reload the Bubble Tutorial video?

They are all mostly useless. I have found your last post and I super suggest you to go to the home page ( and follow the tutorial. At least to the reddit upvote system, it will make it so much easier to use bubble, and it will save you time in the long run.

Hi Steven, welcome to Bubble! There is definitely a learning curve, and videos on Bubble helped me a lot when I was wrapping my head around Bubble. Here’s some visual resources for you:

In the help menu located here:

help menu location!

You can check this box:


  • Bubble’s Vimeo Channel (There is the old UI mixed into these videos but it functions mostly the same way)
  • Gaby’s ‘Coaching Bubble’ Youtube Channel

Definitely do the tutorials on your bubble dashboard, stick with it and you’ll be bubbling in no time!

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