How Can I Reset Quantity Values in Pop-Up When I Open It Again?

Hi, Bubblers!

I got a lot of help from a SMART and KIND bubble expert using id: ambroisedlg.
He helped me a lot up to now so far. Thank you ‘ambroisedlg’~.
I felt like I bothered him too much. u_u
So I tried to figure out a recent problem my self. But couldn’t do it on my own.

My app has a RG showing movie list on the left side of main page and a RG showing selected movie on the right side of main page.

It is like below.

When an user click the upside arrow to change the quantity. Its workflow is like below.

When an user click ‘Add to Cart’ to add the selected movie to the cart.
Its workflow is like below.

On preview mode. I add a movie. Then I re-open the movie’s pop-up page.
Then the quantity value is not rest.

I added a step at the workflow when “Add to Cart” is clicked.
Even I tried my self. I couldn’t figure out.
Because Movie’s Quantity in ‘Data: Movie’ changes like below.

I wanted it to be this way before for users. And ‘ambroisedlg’ helped me a lot to make it work like that. (Thank you again~ ‘ambroisedlg’!)
But now I think it may bother users.
How can I set it to be reset to 1(a quantity starting point is good to be 0.) when an user re-opens the pop-up page?

Also should I make a workflow for the Movie Quantity’ value in ‘Data: Movie’ to be 1? I was thinking that way.
If so, how can I do it?

Thank you for reading.

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hey @universe1

Thanks! I’m no expert but I’m honored :slight_smile:
And you’re not bothering me at all, happy to help. However to save you time and learn by yourself, I really think you should go through the lessons and watch all these videos

The problem lies in the fact that you’re changing the Movie’s Quantity, when we should use a custom state.
See the updated editor here: Cart-test | Bubble Editor

Let me know if you need more help

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Thank you~ @ambroisedlg
I took your recommendation and was watching the videos on Youtube.
There were many videos to catch up. I will definitely finish watching all.
But it may take time… u.u
Thank you! :smiley:

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Hi @ambroisdlg
I was gointg to set a pop-up like below.
I was wrestling with it.

I hope numbers appear on the box below when an user press the number buttons.
Also, I hope an user can delete one digit or delete all digits.
How can I set workflow and data?
I wish I can get answers from you.

Thank you for reading!

Hey @universe1

You should open a new topic for that as it’s not the same issue

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Oh Okay!
I opened a new topic~ Here is the link!~

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