How can I save data from console.log to my Bubble database?

I try to make an integration with smplrspace. It is a 3D floorplan with furniture items in it.
It is a javascript that i run on page load to launch it. And that is working correctly.
You can see the workflow here:

Now i wanna work with the data that he create in the console.log when i click on an item.
But how can I use this information (i only need the furnitureId) in my Bubble app?

Is saw something about Javascript to Bubble from the toolbox. But with what i try it’s still not returning anything. You can see the information from the logs here:

I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.

@becode check out how to return data from the toolbox in this tutorial: The Toolbox Plugin | How to save a value from Javascript to Bubble | Tutorials - YouTube

the information being returned is “data” you need to return “data.furnitureId”

*taking into account the tutorial example you can do
Instead of console.log(data) do bubble_fn_doMath(data.furnitureId)

Oh it’s working indeed. Thank you very much.

I checked this tutorial already earlier today. But i forget to add ‘.furnitureId’ after data.
I think that’s why i don’t return anything.

@becode Ah yeah, great. probably it was returning an object so it didn’t understand what you wanted. Now it’s text. If the problem is done please mark it as solved for documentation purpose :wink:

I’m trying to do that too, but I can’t.
can you help me?

this is log :

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