How can I say "isn't contained by"

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How can I say “isn’t contained by” to filter numeric ranges ?

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Hi @thibautranger,

Could you give us an a case example? Maybe including a screenshot as well.


List 1:intersect list 2:count is 0

I am building a parking spot rental app

on a search feature I need to get a list of parking spots who have a specific availability range (for example 6am to 10 am is 360-600)

The user inputs in the search feature a time range (for example 9am to 11am which is then converted to 540-600) and I would like to have a repeating group that lists parking spots that have a range isn’t contained by the given search range

This works well on list but in my case I want to filter unique elements

Ok, input for search is the 360-600, this makes it much easier to work with, and what is the field in data base? Do you have of the same kind, where you can look for the same range, or with other words between the time with search conditions, such asTime is greater than or lesser than?

I’ve been down this rabbit hole before. It can be a little frustrating that we have the ability to filter items by ‘contains’ but not ‘doesn’t contain’.

In the end, I eventually just added a hidden popup to my page with a repeating group in it. This repeating group searched for a list of all the things that were already booked.

In your example, you could search for a list of all the parking times that is within (contains) the current time that a user is searching for.

From here, you can then select the data source of your main repeating group that’s visible on the page and select the ‘minus list’ operator. The list you can minus is all of the slots within your hidden repeating group.

How this approach fairs out in terms of WUs is another story since the announcement, but it’s a potential solution to look into.

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Yeah, it is tricky. There is a thread somewhere (and I think I did an example app too) for hotel room bookings where they wanted “booked rooms” to display alongside available rooms.

It was definately a hidden RG somewhere. List all the rooms - then minus the list (although not sure minus list existed then) of available ones to give you the unavailable.

Will see if I can find it.

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