How can I see the number of devices user is currently logged in from

For security reasons I want to see how many devices each user is currently logged in from. I’m not looking for a history of devices this user has previously logged in from.

If we see a user is logged in from 3+ devices we will know that something is not correct and we can investigate.

How can I track and find this info?

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This may be totally unhelpful for your use case (so sorry in advance).

But in a situation where I wanted to control how many devices the user was logged into, we used used the action to logout the users other sessions and then we never had to worry about tracking devices.

If you do want to track sessions, I have done this with mixpanel and it worked pretty well. You can send the user info over so you can track the users by their email or unique id.

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Logging out other sessions is a great idea and I will use on other projects. For this project though, the users may need to be logged in on 2 or 3 devices. We just want to prevent or at least be aware if one of the users is logged into 4+ devices.

I will check out mixpanel.

Thank you