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How can I set a default value in repeating group when I open the page?

I have one more question about repeating group.
I want to set default value to an element in repeating group.

I’ll show you what it means.
(Now - This is a page when I open this page. No default in repeating group.
So every contents shows up.)

  1. content - trading
  2. content - talk
  3. content - talk
  4. content - trading
  5. content - QnA

But, I want to display like this when I open this page right away.
There will be a default value. And contents belonging to each menu are displayed right away.
An element(‘거래’) is already clicked when I open this page.
So the element of ‘거래’ has content 2,3. So two contents shows below the nav(repeating group).

  1. content - talk
  2. content - talk

How can I set this function in repeating group?

Just simply set a workflow when page is loaded “Display list in a Repeating group”.

Thank you for replying.

I think it needs one more step to set default.
It already shows repeating group list. But it didn’t show me clicked default value.