How Can I Set Phone# Buttons and Showing Pressed Phone#?

Hi, Bubbler!

I was setting a pop-up like below.
I was wrestling with it.

I hope numbers appear on a bow when an user press the number buttons.
Also, I hope an user can delete one digit or delete all digits.
How can I set workflow and data?
I wish I can get answers from you guys.
Thank you for reading!

  • Add a Text Element where you want to see the dialed number. The Text Element displays the field of the Thing where you store dialed numbers.
  • Every button launches a separate workflow
  • For numbers, the workflow could be: make change to a Thing, field to change [tel number] = Thing’s tel number:append [dial number]
  • to delete number the workflow could be: make change to a Thing, field to change [tel number] :truncate to :number of characters of Thing’s tel number - 1

If it is not clear and still open issue for you, you could share with me the editor and I could add these workflows.

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Thank you! @shpak.serhiy
However, It is not clear to me. u_u …
I tried to set by following your suggestion. But I face letters in RED.
So, I tried to share mine. But a sign shows that I cannot share because mine is based on the hobby plan…

So the screenshots are below.
I created ‘Data: Tel number’. It has ‘field: Whole Number’.

Before the phone number pad pops up. I wanted to create ‘Tel number’.

When number 1 is clicked, I wish it is changing the value of a first item of Tel number.

But I couldn’t select. What can I do for this?

Let’s do this way. On the first page with list of your apps make copy of your app. Then open the copy and go to Settings/Collaboration tab. In the email field enter my email ([email protected]) and transfer the app to me. I’ll make the buttons work and transfer the app back to you.

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Hi! @shpak.serhiy
I transfered the app to you~
I copied the app which was my only app that I also used to apply learning material while I was taking courses from Zeroqode.
So, the data has some non-related stuf with my main app.
But my main app (or page) is Index 3 !

Thank you!

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