How can I show that its loading?

Hey all.

I know we can trigger a spinning thing while back end workflows are working and thats all fine.

But now I have a question:

I have check boxes that will run searches and then show the results.

Sometimes it takes 1-2 sec of nothing before it loads and starts showing:
-Loads 1 line at a time
-Or even it will loads all lines then in some cells it will do another search and then it will slowly start populating.

It just looks ugly and can be misleading.

Is there a way to check when something is loading and once loaded then it will show it?

Or any logic like that?

Unrelated to your question, but may I ask if your checkboxes are filtering repeating groups? You might be able to just get rid of the load time if that’s the case.

Yes that is one of the cases! Any input is great!

Others are in the repeating groups there are cells that have calculations and it takes a while to slowly load as well.

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@AndrewV has a great video about daisy chaining to make filtering repeating groups super fast. 8 min video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom


Will give that a go. Thank you


From the video I dont understand how its triggered?
Like I understand the chain of filters. But how do you trigger the chain every time? I am not following?

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