How can I store a temporary value using bubble?

How can I store a value until later needed using bubble?

It really depends on how much “later” you are meaning, so on the same page, between pages, or entirely different sessions.

If “Later” = same page … Use a custom state.

If “Later” = pass from one page to another. Use a parameter.

If “Later” = different place and time … Store it on the user, or have a data type for this purpose .


Didn’t get it…where’s “later”?

EDIT - after read 4x, now I understand :slight_smile:

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I was asking … How much later. The solution depends entirely on that I think.

But on subsequent reading of my own writing it does seem confusing :slight_smile:


I understood it and applied it. Thanks for the help!


Hey Nigel, is there any way to move custom states across pages? Thanks!

Not as such, store them on the user, or on a thing or pass as a parameter.

Thanks @NigelG - What approach do you recommend in shopping cart scenario, where you only want to store the data that ‘converts’ into the database?.. simply passing a parameter?

I would store it on a temporary “cart” thing. That way you can deal with abandons etc

Nigel, great idea… however, how do you make a thing temporary please?

You don’t really, just have it store stuff and then clear it down every so often.

I don’k know if I got it.
Do you mean to create a new table for partial cart infos and the create every time a new record?
And then i.e. every week to clear down that table, as if it is a cache?
Thanks a lot for you help,

Hi @NigelG ! Can you help me with this?
Thanks a lot!!!

Yes, create a temporary table with cart info.

No particular need to clear it down unless the size is causing issues.

Thank you!!

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