How can I trigger a group focus in a reusable element from something outside of the element on the rest of the page?

Hi there! I have a screenshot of my specific use case below.

I have a pencil icon (icon 1 on image) meant to signify the ability to edit a user’s profile in-app which I’d like to have open the menu to change between a user’s profiles. However, the menu is built as a group focus inside of the header, a reusable element (icon 2 on image).

Is it possible to open this menu by clicking on the pencil icon, outside of the reusable element?

Hey, @nsykes.

Yes, this is possible.

You can create a CE (custom event) on the RE (reusable element) Header that opens that menu. Then, when pressing the edit icon, you add the action of “Trigger a custom event from reusable element” and select the RE Header and the CE you previously created. :slight_smile: :computer:

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It works! Thank you so much. Including some photos of my steps in case someone runs into this in the future.

CleanShot 2023-03-05 at 09.21.39