How can I use Amp for Email?

Hello, does anybody is already using Amp for Email with Bubble?

Sendgrid V3, Elastic Mail and Sparkpost APIs allows to specify the Amp mime type. I just would like to know if there’s something already done for Bubble. I’ve checked Sendgrid plugin but doesn’t seems to support amp yet.

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Could you use the API? …we’ve found using APIs is often as easy as using the corresponding plugin (for email, stripe, etc.) but it also provides a lot more flexibility and options.

I’m not familiar with the Amp mime type though, so perhaps it’s not available via API - I don’t know.

Thank you @sridharan.s. In Elastic Mail is available via API so that’s a solution.

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Thanks for the Solution, We have AMP pages for our blog section for this site. Glad to say that our leades are increasing through E-mail marketing.