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How can I use an excel table containing 4 languages to translate my web app depending on the language selected?

How could I upload an excel file (after converting it to csv) and use the columns as languages? In example I have [ English | French ] and under each language I have the specified words in that language. How can I use this file so that after the user selects a language all the buttons texts and other stuff changes to that language?

I wonder if you can possibly do this using a table and URL parameters. So all the field names are in a table using a code to identify the language. Then when a parameter is passed a do search for pulls all the items pertaining to that language.

Maybe even use condition to accomplish this

You could set the language on the User, and then use Language and an element name (button1 etc) to pull back some text in that language. You would need to copy/paste the elements and change their “id” each time. I can’t see a way to be able to refer to an elements name in bubble (which would be useful in this case).

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I looked at @NigelG excellent solution and modified a bit to suit my needs:

Nigel, that’s a nice solution! Actually, I realize of that before reading so I’m proud of thinking in that level :slight_smile:
I have one question related to this solution: Is this solution consuming workflows counts? I have several users using the app and I cannot follow this up.

Thanks in advance for your answer.


No, it shouldnt.

However there is a native solution now …