How can I use anychart js with

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a polar column chart to display data from my bubble application. The specific chart I’d like to use is Column Chart | Polar Plot | Basic Charts

I saw a previous post where someone had managed to get Anychart js working in bubble… I’ve not had such success.

Could someone please help me out with setting up?Quick Start | AnyChart | AnyChart Documentation

Also once it’s working, how would I pull data from my Bubble database? Can I do this by simply adding dynamic data to the script in an HTML element?



I can find a plugin which generate a polar graph similar to the chart shown in your provided page, but not sure does it meet your needs or not.

For your second question, you can add data to database. Then fill in the field in a plugin element field using “do a search for” method to retrieve the data needed from database (like below) .

Hope this help.

Samson @ Plugin Developer
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Thanks Samson! Helps a lot.

Unfortunately, Bar Chart with colours wont allow me to set the min/max for the axes. It would be great if it was updated, as it appears to be the only free plugin with a polar chart!