How can i use parent's groups element as a constraing?

Thank you all for seeing this issue.

I have “product option” datatype and it has “product-level” as a field.
When users change the “product level” in the page, i want to show them description for each “product-level”

so, I made “product-level” as a custom-element and make it change when user clicked the button for each product level

  1. so i choose the product-level as a constraint

  2. select the gruop which has a “product-level” as an element

  3. and choose the element


  4. but bubble said i need to do more for the expression

please let me know what shoud i do now

Seems like your custom state product-level isn’t the same data type as the product-level field under ProductOption? What does the error window say when you click on the error count at the top?

you are right! it was because of data type!
Thank you soooooo much!

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