How can I use post bin or similar to review API data?

I’m connecting a document generation service via API which has for the most part been working as expected - simple data structure from the database has been transferred to a docx file where ever the parameters were in the document.

However, I’m having issues with some structures of data where I need to see what the outcome will be instead of constantly having to download the document and scroll to the affected section in the document. I’ve found post bin where it seems this service will display the data I send to it but I’m not sure exactly how to use it with my current API.

When I simply swap out the POST URL in my Bubble app to the post bin one, it just tells me some trace data, IP address, location etc - no data at all.

This is currently what my API call looks like. Is this set-up correct?

Just to follow up on this which I think I’ve now resolved, but for future readers: I used a service called which was a more intuitive tool. My bubble API configuration was as follow which allowed me to see the data via request bin. It will provide a URL to use for the Bubble API plugin. is also good and no sign up required