How can in perform huge backend calculations in the background?

Hi All,

i want to calculare KPIs on a regular (starting with monthly) basis in the backend once and not every time the KPI needs to be displayed.

What is a good way to perform those calculations in bubble?

Any idea?

You need to setup a recurring workflow in the backend workflows for monthly runs.

@elmo.gomes yes but how can I perform calculations for every database entry automatically?

I have a list of hundreds of devices with hundreds of values each. Now I want to calculate a monthly value for each device. How can I achieve this?

Database triggers will keep everything in sync and calculate as you go so it’s not a big job to sum them whenever needed.

Or run as a bulk recurring scheduled task that runs once a month.

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Yes, but how do i set the workflow, that it performs a calculation for every entry (device) in my database?

I want to calculate a monthly consumption of every device every month.

RTFM… Backend events - Bubble Docs