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How can we send custom states' values along with the email?

I have created a kind of calculator, using custom states on bubble. Now my goal is to send a report with all calculations/with all values of the custom states, via email to the users.
Please let me know how is it possible?
How can we include these dynamic values of custom states into the email body?
Boston85719 - Any luck ??
Link to project:

You can send an e-mail with a link and, in this link, include the states as parameters. So when the user access your site Bubble will be able to catch them.


In Bubble, use the command Get Data From URL to read them…

This is what you are looking for?

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Thanks @rpetribu,
But we have quite large no. of custom states on the page, so passing each of them via url won’t be a good option.
Is there any other way where we can directly send custom states and values to email body?

If you want your user to be able to read the custom states directly in the e-mail’s body (without a link to redirect them to your site), you can simply write them in the body. Like:

Hi customstate_name, how are you? :wave:

Your balance is US$ customstate_balance.


How do you send the e-mail? Using Bubble’s native solution or a thirt party provider like PostMark, SendGrid and etc?

@rpetribu, I am using native “Send Email” option from workflows.

So why don’t you do this?

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