How can we zip files?

How would I go about zipping files saved in the database for a user to download? For example, a list of images. Is there an easier way to manipulate dynamic URLs than using something like Cloud Convert?

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We don’t have such an integration yet, sadly

Is one available yet?

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Yeah, any news on creating zip files?

Well, now you can send your files to some API (like one you’ve written) and get a File back, so there’s that…

If you store your files on Uploadcare, it allows you to group files by their id’s and create a zip file using that.

I don’t see Uploadcare as a storage option

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Ohh yeah, I forgot the plugin has a different name here. Here’s the link to the page:

It’s a paid plugin though.

Ah, ok thanks!

@romanmg did you manage to get this to work? :slight_smile:

You can create a plugin that will zip files :blush:

No, not with any native Bubble functions. There are plenty of storage services out there that can achieve this though if you need files in folders.

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Please see: RELEASED - plugin JS Zip file generator

Did you get this working?