How can you check if time has been exceeded?

I want to make a reservation system for restaurants. When booking, you select your arrival time and for how long you want to stay in the restaurant. For example:

  • Arrival is 18:00
  • Duration of stay is 3 hours

This visitor can therefore stay until a maximum of 21:00 (18:00 plus 3 hours)

So in Bubble a reservation is made for these times. The reservations are visible in a table map or repeating group where reservations whose maximum stay has been exceeded are given a red color.

How can I ensure that for all reservations it is always checked whether the maximum stay has been exceeded?

Hi there, @samedgurses46… after reading your post, a high-level question comes to mind… how are you determining whether or not a reservation’s max time has been exceeded? Does someone update a reservation when the visitors leave and mark it as closed or something? In theory, checking every reservation on the current day to see whether or not the current time is past the reservation’s max time is not difficult. However, that condition will be true at some point for every reservation on a given day, so you need a way to find reservations where the current time is past the reservations max time and the reservation is still open (i.e., the visitors are still at the restaurant). Any of that make sense?


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