How Can You Make Repeating Group Generate Rows Until Set Number?

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  1. I want a manager to set amount of houses. e.g. 10 houses.
    ( I hope to change the number easily anytime.)

  2. If the manager sets 10, I hope a RG generates automatically from 1 to 10 with numbers like below.
    (If the manager sets 15, I hope the RG generates 15 rows with each number automatically.)

  1. When an user login with a specific number from 1 to 10. Then, the user types and sends text(like message). I hope it appears on the RG’s row with the specific number. How can I match user’s login number with the row’s each number to appear user’s message?

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About generating numbers, there are lots of plugins with that feature, for example List Shifter and Toolbox.
About matching the number with the message, you can save it as an object in the database.

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Hi, @vini_brito

Thank you for your hint :wink: I will try those plugins!

Thank you! :cowboy_hat_face:

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