How change a data field temporarily just for the current active user

Hi I have created a reorder the words quiz that works like this

In order to make the word move from one repeating group to another I created a data field ( “clicked” yes/no default no) for the answer data type, in the repeating group below shows the potential words that are (clicked no by default) and when the words are clicked it changes to ( clicked yes) and move to the repeating group above, that only shows the words that are (clicked yes) and the same happens when the words from the repeating group above are clicked, changing from yes to no, and disappearing from the repeating group a I’ve and shows in the repeating group below

My problem is that if an user starts to answer a questions and leave, it’s going to stay the same way it was left off, I thought about making some workflows when the current user session has expired, but it may be some conflict if two users are answering the same question at the same time, first user may start answer the questions from scratch while second user that got there after, might find that some words have already been clicked.

So what in trying to to is to store the data field (clicked yes/no) temporarily just for the current active user, if another user is answering the same question, the words will be (clicked no because that’s the default) to avoid finding a question that someone else started to answer

Hi there, @palspanglish… because you mention the need to store data temporarily for the current user, custom states definitely come to mind. Are you familiar with custom states? If you aren’t, you should do some research because a custom state could do the trick here. For example, you could have a custom state that stores a list of answers, and when a user drags an answer to the top, you could add the answer to the custom state. The data source of the repeating group at the top would display the custom state’s value, and you would be good to go (assuming I have understood your post correctly).

Hope this helps.


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Hi! I am familiar with custom states, but I’ve never used them with repeating groups

How would be the instructions?

It’s as simple as referencing the custom state (assuming it’s a list) as the data source of the repeating group. Did you actually try anything?

I don’t see the custom state to add it to the data source of the rg at the top

Did you first select the page/element with which the custom state is associated?

Yes I did that, and the value is the current cell’s word text

Share some screenshots of your setup… the custom state, the repeating group, etc.

Look what it’s doing now


Ooh, neat. :wink:

Is your custom state a list? When you set the value of the custom state, you need to set the state to its current value (select the state again) plus the current cell’s item.

I set the custom state to be a list of the answer

Does it have to be a list of the answers of a list of text?

I’m not building your app, so it’s hard to say… but it could probably be a list of answers.

Can’t get it to work, I’m going to have to find someone on fiverr to do it for me

But thanks for your help though

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