How click/select a row in repeatable group to focus it?

Hi there,

Another newbie question from someone coming over from Xamarin/C#, but if I have a repeating group, I want to have the end user be able to tap/click on it so that it can then respond based on the information in that row.

Think of a RG with a list of stock symbols, I just want the user to tap/click on the row and display the current price. Now I know many people insert a button into the row that can be clicked on. However, typically in modern apps one should just be able to click on the row to select it, not on a button specifically.

I’ve read that others have created an ‘invisible’ button over the entire row and create a workflow attached to it do something. Is that the best way to do it in Bubble or is there something else that just simply lets the user click anywhere in a row and get the information from it?