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How could public access a user's repeating group info without login into app?

How can someone access a users repeating group info from a browser without having to log into the app? I can get it to show one row from a table using the url/page/unique_id, but not data containing a one to many relationship or repeating group.

Let me elaborate…
So lets say I have two data types, one is User and the other is Things. I want to show a list of a certain users things to the public without them needing to log in. I can do it for a logged in user with a repeating group of those things but if I try to reference the url containing unique id without login in, I cannot see that view/info.

You may need to go to Data => Privacy, then on the user or things make a rule that ‘Current User is not logged in’ can View All Fields or Find in Searches

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That was part of of the problem. The other part was that I was evaluating the current user as opposed to the current page on each element…

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