How Count Number of Fields with a Current Cell's Name


I’m trying to build a repeating group that shows a series of orders. Users can “jump in” on those orders by clicking the button on each list.

The number of orders completed then updates with their information.

My current approach is that when the users “jumps in” on the order, bubble creates a new “basket,” which includes the user’s name and the order’s name.

What I’m trying to do, is create the workflow that updates the total number of “jumped in” orders after the user “jumps in.”

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to figure out how to do a count of a certain orders’ name in the list of baskets. I can build an expression that evaluates to “yes” saying that the order’s name IS in the list of baskets, but I don’t know why it won’t let me count the number of orders.

So for this example, it should show that there are 2 people “jumped in” to the order of eggs, because there are 2 “baskets” with “eggs.”


I feel I’m missing something obvious, any advice?

Hi there, @beaverlodge… give this a shot… remove everything in the query after Search for Baskets. Then, click on Search for Baskets and add a constraint that looks exactly like what you just removed. Finally, add the :count option after Search for Baskets.

Hope this helps.


Hi Mike, thank you!!

You’re right, I had the order of operations wrong. Once I simply did the :count + constraint, it works beautifully.

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