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How Did This App Do An Animated Strip of Gradient?

Hi, this app is on Bubble’s featured apps list, and I was checking it out. I found that it has a really cool gradient that just changes over time… How would I recreate this?

Check out the “animated gradients” paid plugin. I’m not sure whether Equina is using that, but I’m 99% sure it fits your need.

Oh, okay… do you have any ideas on how i could do this for free?

No sir, however, the plugin only costs $3 a month. I’m not sure whether your budget is absolute, but the plugin is easy to use and easy to setup as opposed to a free solution which may or may not be a bit complicated to do.

Try animating an SVG. It’s free, you can pretty much create any visual you want and if you understand html then you can make your graphics dynamic.

Happy bubbling!

Aaron Baker

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