How did you set up your Google ads tracking


We have a website with a bubble app page and a form embeded to it.

We are spending 3K a month on google ads and half our leads come from our bubble form, thing is we are pretty sure something is wrong without our google ads leads filling up our bubble form :

  1. We are trying to track all leads that come from google ads but we are not sure that google ads is tracking them.
    So my first question is, how would you track that your tracking is properly set-up ?

  2. My second question is, if it is properly set-up, how do we tell our CRM that they are from google ads ? We use Hubspot and I believe that our leads lose their Google clic ID through Bubble.
    Why ? Because we have no leads from our bubble app, but we do have lead through another form on our website that doesn’t use bubble and we can track their google clic id.

Thank you very much for your help boys and girls,

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