How do a search for data kept in state?

I’m doing an API call from a front-end workflow and I save the data in a custom state. It’s saved as a list. How do I access a particular field in a particular item in the list? If the data were saved in the DB I’d just use “Do a search for”. When I try that, however, I don’t see the data type that I need.

All lists have the same operators on them (same options as a list returned by Search…).

So the first item in your list is That Custom State’s :first item. The nth item in the list is :item #n, etc.

If your list is a list of API response objects, those are very similar to Things. So an API response list will have :each item’s blah-de-blah on it.

An individual item in such a list will have the same fields in their singular form. E.g., That Custom State’s :item #5’s blah-de-blah.

Excellent. Thank you. Here’s my question: what if I don’t know which item in the list I want? ie. it’s a list of lists. So, I may want the name in the sub-list with the id of xyz123, but I won’t know what number item it is in the parent list. Is that clear?

When I use Do A Search For, I’m able to set parameters. Is there an equivalent function for lists that are held in a custom state?


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