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How do connect one list with another

Hi - I’m trying to take a list of things (journalists) that I’ve created and be able to add them to different media lists.

I have a data type called journalist and media_list. What I want to do is when I add a journalist, have them added to various media lists. To that end, I’ve created in media_list a field type called “journos_on_list” which is “list of journalists” field type. What I can’t do is get it to connect the journalist with the media list.

Keep in mind, journalists can be on multiple media lists. Would appreciate any help!

Hi there, @emorgenstern… it would definitely be helpful if you post some screenshots, but if I understand your post correctly, it sounds like you are simply trying to add a journalist to a list field (journos_on_list) on multiple things in the media_list data type. If that is the case, it should be as simple as having a workflow step that makes changes to a list of things (the list being the “various media lists” you mentioned), and the change to make is to add the journalist to the journos_on_list field.

I’m not sure what you mean by connecting one list with another because it sounds like media_list is a data type, but I could be completely off base, so again, screenshots would be helpful.


Thanks @mikeloc for the quick response and your help. What you’re saying makes sense but I keep having trouble implementing.

What I want to happen is two things simultaneously - create a journalist and add him to a media list. (Ignore left side of page for now)

In the workflow, I’ve successfully created a new journalist (first, last and email) but I want to also have that journalist join the media list that is selected in the drop-down.

Confused as to what needs to be here.

Not sure if it helps - here is the journalist data:

And Media list data

Is a media list an actual list? Or is it a single thing in the media_list data type? If it is a single thing, then you don’t need to make changes to a list of things. You can simply make a change to the media list that is selected in the dropdown, and the change to make is to add the journalist created in step one of the workflow to the selected media list’s list_of_journalists (so, something like list_of_journalists add Result of step 1).