How do disable empty dropdown list when nothing typed in multidropdown list?

How can I configure the multi-dropdown element such that when the user clicks the element but hasn’t typed anything yet, I don’t get a blank list as shown in the image below?

This works fine once the user starts typing, but when they click the list to begin typing, the element opens a blank list which isn’t very appealing.


hello @SeanB !

Is it possible to see the data source of your repeating group?


I use the partner <> so that the dropdown doesn’t show members that already belong to this partner.

And then, the search for partners is:

Which dropdown plugin are you using?

So if you’ve customised your search correctly - you should not see empty rows. Here I have the same plugin and data source is just Do a search for users:

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 21.32.36
As you can see - no empty rows. Try to inspect (in debug mode) if your search returns anything by default?

Hmm, interesting. Thank you for this. I’ll do another check and see if it could be the search criteria. Funny thing is that the dropdown does show options once I start typing – it just shows blank rows when I click the dropdown but haven’t typed anything yet. Thanks once again.

you just have to check the “ignore constraint empty” box

in your repeating group data source

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