How do I accomplish this?

I’m building an app where users can join different scheduled activities.
I’m trying to add a social feature where users get friend suggestions based on activities they have both joined. So for instance, user A has attended event X, Y and Z, and so has user B.
Both users would get a notification suggesting each other as friends.

I’m just not sure how to structure this feature. The notification part is not a problem, I’m just having an hard time figuring out how to build the database.

Could anyone help me out?
Thank you


It would depend on how your database is set up. I’m assuming each event has its own database. I would add a field maybe tittled “joined users” for users who have joined that event. Then implement the notification feature to suggest users who are in “joined users” field. I hope this makes sense. If not, or you have more questions please let me know.


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Thank you!

Did that help?

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