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How do i add a nested dataset to an exisiting data field value

Hi bubble community,
I am just new to building my first app. I have completed the lessons and I have created some pages and passing data from page to page, adding new data and using repeating groups.

I have a dataset of “medical diseases”. I want to add a dataset of stages that is specific to a value in the medical disease datasets.
eg. the “medical diseases” in my first dataset contains - “prostate cancer” and “kidney disease”. how do I add a dataset “disease stage” that is specific to each? When I add in values for both “prostate cancer” and “kidney disease” the repeating group gives me all values for both.

Thanks Cyril

Hello Cyril,

I guess by Datasets, you mean Datatype (coming from Visual Studio ?).

A. you have to collect first your Medical Diseases in some way : either you use a new Datatype (if this information has to be feeded by users), or you can use “Option Sets” (see here).

B. create a new field in the Datatype “Medical Disease”. Accordingly to point 1, this field’s type will be Datatype “Disease Stage” or Option Set “Disease Stage”.

C. with a Dropdown, you can propose those choices to user, and set it to the field in the Datatype “Medical Disease”.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Michael,
yes i have the fields medical disease and what I think I am asking is that I want a nested data set for each of those fields?

I think what i am trying to do is create a list of objects to a field value?

The example by @NigelG on recipes and recipe books is what I think I am trying to achieve. here: Database Lists, How do I use a list?

and probably having this problem here: Data structure, complex lists and how to use them?

will see if I can make it work with Nigel’s recipe logic.