How do I add data from one dataset to another from button/group click?

Hello all,

I am trying to get my MVP built on bubble, and I am running into a problem that affects my UX.

Here is the flow I want to build…

  1. On the homepage, a section asks the user what area they need help in, which are designed as a group with text and an icon.
    -There are 3 options: A, B, C which is pre-set in a dataset

  2. When the user clicks option A, I want that info to be added to the current users dataset, which is a list field (In case they need help in A, B, or C)
    -This happens before the signup

  3. The user is prompted to sign-up after clicking option A

  4. After sign up, the user is sent to a 1st-time signup flow that is related to only option A

Is this possible?
Can I assign data to the current user without them signing up?
How do I add data from one dataset to another with a button/group click and no input from the user besides the button click?

If you need more info to help let me know.

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