How do I add information inside of a PopUp?

I am very new to app building and have a question about popups that seem like I should be able to figure but can’t.

I learned how to create a pop-up upon a button being clicked, but how do I add information inside of the popup? I want the user to be able to enter and submit information inside of the popup and I cannot figure out how to do this. Thank you!

Hi there and welcome to Bubble!

You can add any element inside of a popup the same way you add them to the main page. E.g. with the pop-up open, click on the input tool and draw an input box box inside the pop-up. Then place a “submit” button, and you have your form.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you, Rob! I figured it out shortly after I posted, thank you for confirming I am doing it right. For some reason, the popup box kept disappearing every time I tried this initially.